Cultures of the French-Speaking World

Each year features a different theme of study, and courses are offered on the cultures, thought, and societies of French-speaking countries, including France, islands in the Caribbean Sea, and various African countries.

Lecture on Comparative Literature

Students study the concepts and history of modern critical theories, and learn to enjoy the importance of criticism. Students will learn about the possibilities of literature and society by thinking about the effects structuralism, post-colonialism, and feminism have had on how literature is read, and looking at the wealth of results they have produced.

Lecture on Psychology

This course looks at the field of empirical research in experimental psychology and cognitive psychology, as well as the field of psychoanalysis involving the subconscious explored by Freud and Jung. The advantages and disadvantages of each field are discussed.

Introduction to Humanities, Lecture on Historical Science, Chinese Culture, Lecture on Pedagogy, Modern Thought


Haruhiko MURAO

村尾 治彦

 Fields of Research:

Cognitive Linguistics / Syntactic Theory / Japanese-English Comparative Research / Aphasia

Miwako NAMBA

難波 美和子

 Field of Research:



石井 佳世

 Fields of Research:

Clinical Psychology / Family Therapy / Family Psychology / School Clinical Psychology

Hiroko HARA

原 紘子

 Fields of Research:

Intercultural Communication / Media / Film and Video Production