武上 富美

 Fields of Research:

English Language Education / Professional Development for Language teachers / Qualitative-field Research for Language Learning and Teaching

Keywords for Local Contributions

Coordinating Pre-Service English Teacher Development / In-Service English Teacher Education

Past Research related to Local Contributions

Main Research Topics
  • Classroom-based Research in Language Teaching and Learning
    • Taking a classroom action research approach using a cyclical systematic praxis framework to investigate teaching and learning through naturalistic inquiry, resulting in data-driven outcomes to improve classroom instruction.
  • Content-based and Content-integrated Language Teaching and Learning
    • Focusing on teacher development of a balanced content and structural approach to learning and its appropriateness to English education in Japan.
  • Language Teacher Cognition
    • An inclusion of a holistic approach to teacher education emphasizing an awareness of teacher learning that focuses on not only the behavioral domain of teachers (actions in the classroom), but the cognitive domain (teacher thinking, beliefs, knowledge) to uncover why teachers do what they do in the classroom to better inform their instruction.

Touring Lecture Topics

Pedagogical innovation from theory to practice / Implementation of curriculum policy goals in English teaching