Miwako NAMBA

Miwako NAMBA

難波 美和子

 Field of Research:


Keywords for Local Contributions

Reading / Folklore

Past Research related to Local Contributions

Children’s Literature / Literature and Folklore

Main Research Topics
  • Representation of India in British Literature
    • One cannot discuss the culture of England without also discussing its colonies, especially India. The same is true for its literature. I analyze British literature and the effect that India has had on it.
  • Folklore of India
    • India is a treasure trove of oral folklore. I survey the folklores passed down through the different languages of India, and compare the folklores of different regions.
  • Contemporary English Literature in India
    • I research English literature in India, not as marginal British literature, and address questions as to whether the increasing numbers of English speakers in India will become leaders in a new style of English literature.

Touring Lecture Topics

Literary History of Robinson Crusoe / Contemporary Film Culture and 19th Century British Literature


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