Richard LAVIN

Richard LAVIN

 Fields of Research:

Computer-Assisted Language Learning / English for Academic Purposes/English for Specific Purposes / Materials Development / Applied Linguistics / Qualitative Research

Keywords for Local Contributions

English Education in Schools / English Education in Community Associations / Extensive Reading / Fluency / Introducing Technology in Schools

Past Research related to Local Contributions

English Education from the Perspective of Second Language Acquisition Theory; Language Learning from Middle Age

Main Research Topics
  1. I do research in CALL (computer-assisted language learning) technology integration, looking at ways of introducing various technological tools in ways that make sense in the specific situations where they will be used, and integrating them sensibly and flexibly (“small pieces loosely joined”). Related to this is work on blended learning and on learning objects.
  2. I do research on second language writing. Specifically, I am interested in uses of technology (see 1) to support writing development and in the contributions of a sociocultural perspective (see 4) to understanding writing development.
  3. Currently, I’m researching middle-aged and older language acquisition, trying to find optimal ways (including appropriate use of technology) of achieving reasonable success without excessive time investment.
  4. Recently, I have adopted a sociocultural-theoretic perspective on language learning, focused particularly on modern interpretations and uses of the notion of zone of proximal development (ZPD) and its relationship to the notion of scaffolding. I have supervised Masters theses on the ZPD and on inner speech.
  5. Based on my previous work in a science faculty, I have an interest in English for Specific Purposes (ESP). I am currently supervising doctoral research on ESP corpora.
  6. Recently, I have supervised Masters work on motivation, focused on Zoltán Dörnyei’s recent work on motivational currents and vision.
  7. I have been the lead developer of the university’s intensive programs for several years, was the originator and first coordinator of our former Language Learning Commons and am currently Director of our Center for International Education & Exchange, where I direct our Moyaist Global program. As such, I am interested in ways of combining the regular curriculum with self-access, special programs like Moyaist Global, intensive courses, short exchanges, and study abroad for a well-rounded language education. This area serves as a way to combine my interests in sociocultural theory (see 4), technology (see 1), and motivation (see 6).

Touring Lecture Topics

English Pronunciation, Intonation, and Rhythm in Connected Speech; Language Learning from Middle Age; Language Learning in the Real World: Contributions of Academics and Polyglots


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