Master of Arts final presentations, February 28th

The four students in the Graduate School of Language & Literature who completed their Master’s theses this year presented their research at this annual public event. There were two students from the Division of Japanese Language & Literature and two from the Division of English Language & Literature. Both the students from English Language & Literature were my supervisees.

Natsuki Nagai: Motivational Currents in the Intensive English Course

Koyo Ogawa: Vitalizing Transfer of learning in SLA

Both of their Master’s theses and presentations were highly original. Natsuki based her work on Zoltán Dörnyei et al.’s research on directed motivational currents, looking at whether and to what extent students participating in PUK’s Intensive English course exhibited these and how the situation changed over the two weeks of the course. Koyo’s research investigated the notion of transfer of learning from an applied linguistic perspective, suggesting that it is grossly underresearched in our field and that it is necessary to bring it to the centre of evaluation of teaching methods. He will continue his research on this fascinating topic in the Ph.D. that he will be starting with us next month. Congratulations to both Natsuki and Koyo on completing your Master’s studies successfully.

教授 Professor