British Literature

What kind of authors and books do you think of when you hear “British Literature”? Shakespeare, Alice in Wonderland, maybe Harry Potter, right? In fact, British Literature encompasses much more, from the oldest epic poems penned in the 8th and 9th centuries in Old English, up to contemporary works of drama, poetry, novels, a numerous other styles. While it may be fun to read various works and ponder what the world was like at the time the work was written, proper study of literature goes further.

In addition to the simple pleasure of reading historical literature, we thoroughly examine works of literature from various theoretical viewpoints and look at historical documents. This lets students find logical evidence to prove each of the various individual issues in the work. Putting this much effort into a work of literature can yield unexpected results. If you enjoy reading British novels, plays, etc., or are interested in British culture or history, come join us and explore British Literature.



虹林 慶

Fields of Research:

Romantic Poetry, Victorian Prose and Poetry, and others


田中 和也

Fields of Research:

Literature in English, Modernism (especially Joseph Conrad)