English Linguistics

Introduction to English Linguistics

Students focus on the forms and morphology of the English language, along with its semantics and uses, in order to examine its inherent regularities and various intriguing phenomena.

English Phonetics

Students examine the unique characteristics of spoken English from the perspectives of articulatory and acoustic phonetics. Students learn the structure and function of the vocal organs, processes for generating speech, and the physical features involved, and they also study scientific analytical methods by practicing sound analysis using software to analyze spoken English. An important goal of study is for students to acquire natural, accurate, and near-native level pronunciation.


Haruhiko MURAO

村尾 治彦

 Fields of Research:

Cognitive Linguistics / Syntactic Theory / Japanese-English Comparative Research / Aphasia


野々宮 鮎美

 Fields of Research:

the history of the English language / historical pragmatics / historical sociolinguistics