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Where is Kumamoto?

Kumamoto Prefecture is located right in the center of Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. It has a population of more than 1.8 million and an area of 7,405 sq km. Mountains, rivers, fertile plains, and the sea – the geology is nothing if not varied, and the prefecture is renowned for its beautiful landscapes and rich natural surroundings.

PUK is situated in Kumamoto City. Rich in history and tradtion, it has in its city center Kumamoto Castle, considered one of the “Big 3” castles in Japan. A tram runs through the city, and the city’s main shopping arcade runs more than 1 km north to south, being one of the biggest in western Japan, and forming the heart of this vibrant city. Since the opening in March 2011 of a new Shinkansen station, Kumamoto’s function as a central hub connecting all the cities of Kyushu has been further strengthened.

While the population of Kumamoto City proper is 730,000, the greater metropolitan area has a population of 1 million, and the city became one of Japan’s handful of government ordinance designated cities in April 2012.

There's so much to enjoy in Kumamoto...

(These are actual pictures taken within Kumamoto Prefecture, most of which within an hour drive from campus)

Why study at PUK?

PUK has a lot to offer exchange students. With a wide selection of classes and a friendly student body, PUK is both academically exciting and socially engaging. Our small class sizes ensure close bonds between our students and professors, making for a close-knit community with connections that last long after classes end.

About the Department of English Language & Literature at PUK

Undergraduate study

Usually, students planning to undertake a full undergraduate study program in the Department of English Language & Literature require sufficient Japanese skills to be able to understand lectures. Please email us and we’ll see what we can do to meet your needs.

For students from Montana State University, it is possible to study with us for a period such as a semester or an academic year. We can tailor plans to your needs, including attendance in classes where English is a medium of instruction. Please contact us so that we can discuss your needs.

Research in the Division of English Language & Literature, Graduate School of Letters

We offer Master’s and doctoral programs in the fields of English Linguistics, British Literature, American Literature, and English Education. Entrance exams are held twice a year (fall and spring) for spring (April) entry, and once a year for fall entry (doctoral programs only). Only a small number of students are accepted each year; therefore, instruction may be offered in English, according to the needs of students. Please contact the faculty member with whom you are interested in studying to discuss your plans.

Research Students

We also accept applications to become Research Students from students who are not yet ready to commit to a formal Master’s or doctoral degree program. Research Students work under the guidance of a faculty member on a topic of their choice while taking a number of courses. This option is popular with people who have not undertaken formal study for a number of years and wish to explore the world of research. It is also popular with graduates of overseas colleges and universities with diplomas or degrees which are not considered by the Japanese education authorities to be the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree, and who therefore do not qualify to take the entrance examination for the Master’s degree programs. Such students typically undertake study for a year or longer, designed to prepare them for successful study at graduate level. Applications are accepted for spring and fall entry. Those interested should contact the faculty member with whom you are interested in studying to discuss your plans.

In order to qualify for a visa to study as a Research Student, students without Japanese nationality may need to meet certain governmental regulations regarding hours of study and other matters. Overseas students planning to use this system are advised to get up-to-date information from the University’s Academic Affairs Division:

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